Everything is Black.

With your thoughts making you numb, with the music making you paralyzed, with the mind running places, forcing you recall memories, all of these and much more combined turn you into a dead body, a dead soul, a soul that just turns numb and seeks help, help from someone, from anyone, someone that would enter your life and take your troubles, someone that would show you the light, someone that would hold you and tell you, everything is going to be alright, but the sad part is, with the years and years of waiting, holding on to Hope, you still can’t find that someone. One’s sanity isnt dependent on a person solely, it could be anything. Searching for that something that could bring your charm is never to be found.
You are a lost ship trying to find the harbor.

Your mind is parallel to what wind is, wherever the wind blows, your mind goes the same way. sometimes it turns east and at the same time, it turns south, and sometimes, your wind aka your mind runs in all the directions, making your body feel dead, making you realize that the one thing, that the one person that you have been waiting for, hoping for isn’t to be found. If it couldn’t be found till now, there’s a pretty less chance, it’d be found in the future. That’s not even the worse part, the worse part is even if you do that one thing or the one person, you still wouldn’t be fully happy, you still wouldn’t be satisfied to be happy, lucky are those that can be happy without caring about the rest. As for us, it’s like the wrath of the world is upon us, making sure that nothing makes you happy.

As you lie down in the bed of the darkness and alarm your gaze here and there, you see nothing but the bliss that the darkness brings along with it brings the silence, the silence that we fancy than parties or any other thing, silence is our friend while darkness, best friend. You think okay, let’s settle these thoughts once and for all, these tears once and for all, these silent cries for help, these fake smiles, theses fake laughs, these multiple dual personalities, these distances away from people, these miseries, this life, but you fail in that too, why? your mind puts all those damn thoughts right at you, you need to face them one by one but no the mind has to bring all your enemies all at once at you, now can you fight say a hundred bodies with you being a single body with no help of so whatsoever, no you can’t. so what’s the next step for you? you sit back and you let the mind play the game, you let the mind make some moves, it’s more like you caged, more like you are chained, you can do nothing but observe.
Anyho, the mind does it’s work, makes sure that every building that you built in order to restore to your prime, is destroyed. It’s like you work hard to build something and strong wind breaks it down, so you have to work from the start again, only if you are willing to and if you aren’t, you give up and just watch what your mind does…

To be continued.. tumblr_npvsexkMt61u6fq9ao1_500

2 thoughts on “Everything is Black.

  1. That’s deep bro but I get it I often feel the same sometimes. It’s like I’ll never be happy or satisfied. It’s an endless cycle in which sometimes I feel like a washing machine that keeps spinning around. Sometimes you get too far in over your head until you ask for help.

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